Amusing or abusive?

How would you feel if you drove up behind this van with an 11-year-old girl in the passenger seat? And how do you even start to explain what it means?

That was the difficult position Sydney teacher and mother Paula Orbea was placed in not long ago. She was out driving through the Blue Mountains with her 11year-old daughter and her daughter’s grandfather when they found themselves confronted with the slogan on this van. It isn’t a privately owned vehicle – it’s one of a fleet of rental vans from a company called Wicked Campers.

Paula told the Daily Mail she feels Wicked is ‘perpetuating’ a rape culture.

This isn’t the first offensive slogan the company has put on one of its rentals. Other vans are trundling around Australia with racist, sexist and homophobic slogans sprayed across their back and sides. Other examples include:

Paula Orbea has since started a petition on which she hopes will persuade Wicked Campers founder John Webb to remove offensive slogans and imagery from his company’s vans. You can sign the petition here

What do you think? Are people being too sensitive? Are these slogans just amusing, or are they perpetuating rape culture, racism and homophobia? Have your say in the comments below.