Are celebrities above the law?

Johdi Meares, first wife of James Packer, ex-model and now fashion designer, blew an alcohol reading of 0.181 after being involved in a traffic incident. Meares decided not to appear for her court hearing in Sydney on Tuesday, sending her legal team instead.

Driving on a suspended licence, Meares was seen climbing out of the passenger window of her Range Rover after it rolled as a result of a crash on 21 June. Her legal team claims that she was wrongly charged with driving under a suspended licence, and these charges are set to be dropped when her case is next heard on 20 August.  But with a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit coupled with the fact she crashed into three parked cars and is lucky no-one was injured, surely she should face all charges?


She’s not the only celebrity who seems to have got off lightly at the hands of the law lately. Co-incidentally, her ex-husband was involved in the notorious street brawl with Channel Nine boss David Gyngell, which resulted in both men only being fined $500. Too lenient?

Are celebrities treated differently by the law? Do celebrities think they are above the law?

Written by Debbie McTaggart