Best of catch-up TV 17 April

Watch the latest Jack Irish movie, discover France with Manu from My Kitchen Rules or enjoy Ralph Fiennes’s interview on The Project with the best of catch-up television this week.

Movie – Jack Irish: Dead Point – ABC iView  
When a high profile judge commissions Jack Irish to locate a mysterious red book, Jack is thrown into a world of sexy club owners, drug dealers and unhinged killers.

The Dark Ages: An Age Of Light – SBS on demand    
Documentary – The Clash of the Gods – The Dark Ages have been misunderstood. History has identified the period following the fall of the Roman Empire with a descent into barbarism – a terrible time when civilisation stopped. But Waldemar Januszczak disagrees. In this four-part series he argues that the Dark Ages were a time of great artistic achievement, with new ideas and religions provoking new artistic adventures.

My France with Manu – 7Plus
In this new two-part series My Kitchen Rules host and judge, Manu Feildel takes us home to the French province of Brittany to share the food, memories and adventures of his France.

Chris Angel Mindfreak – JumpIn  
World-renowned mystifier Criss Angel executes incredible illusions, death-defying escapes, fearless demonstrations and astonishing physical feats.

The Project – ten play  
With guests Kelly Slater, Ralph Fiennes and Kitty Flanagan, plus guest hosts Gorgi Coghlan, Dr Andrew Rochford and Todd Sampson, and stories on the Badgerys Creek airport, the Pistorius trial, and medical marijuana.