Share your skills

Whether you’re still working part-time and have some free time or have finished work altogether but still have skills to pass on, there are youth mentoring programs around Australia crying out for your experience.

Accountants, bricklayers, plumbers, teachers, mothers and fathers are just some of the people who give up their time to provide support and assistance to young Australians to help them achieve their potential or just see them through hard times. The Youth Mentoring Network Australia (YMNA) brings together young Australians and caring older individuals who can provide guidance and encouragement. This can be in a practical sense, by passing on skills or simply by being the other party to a trusting relationship with mutual benefits for all concerned.

The YMNA run programs throughout Australia and are always looking for people who are willing to give up their time and who possess good communication and listening skills and have the patience to provide support to youngsters who need it most.

To find a program in your area or discover whether you would be suitable as a mentor, visit the YMNA website.

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