Duchess hits a bum note

Photos of the Duchess of Cambridge’s bottom have surfaced in a German tabloid, again raising the question of not only privacy, but why she keeps getting caught out?

German tabloid Bilde has published photos of the Duchess of Cambridge being caught off guard while touring Australia. The photos show the Duchess’s dress being caught in the draught of helicopter blades, showing more than she would like. The photos are revealing and while UK publications refused to print them, there was an overseas bidding war to secure the rights.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Duchess of Cambridge’s right to privacy has come under fire. Topless pictures were printed in the French press in 2012 and the publisher of the magazine has had to fight several court cases following their publication.

Perhaps Catherine should take a leaf out of Queen Elizabeth’s book and keep her top on while sunbathing and have weights sewn into the hem of her skirts.

Should such photos be published or is the Duchess of Cambridge her own worst enemy for getting caught out?

Written by Debbie McTaggart