From the mouth of babes

Kids say the funniest things, but Debbie’s mum found it difficult to laugh at the crushing blow her grandchild inadvertently delivered while watching television.

While watching the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony from Glasgow on television the other night, I turned to my son Euan and said that Lulu was about the same age as his granny. His response to this nugget was “she doesn’t look that old.” When this amusing tale was delivered to said granny, her response can’t be repeated!

Of course, kids do say the funniest things, often without intention. Below are five of our favourites.

To a school teacher:
“Well when my mum and dad practice wrestling I get to eat a whole bowl of ice cream and watch whatever movie I want!”

Between father and son:
Dad – “ I don’t ever want to see you do that again.” Son – “okay close your eyes.”

Sister to brother:
“Did you cry like a baby?” Brother, “No, I cried like a man.”

Son to mum:
When he jumped on her back and pretended she was a horse, he waved his arm in the air and said, “Go Chunky!”

Child in kinder:
“I have a headache. It’s a bad one. It’s pi**in’ me off.”

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