How fast is too fast?

Australia’s current speed limits were set 40 years ago when we changed from miles to kilometres, back when we were driving the Holden Toranas and Ford Falcons of the early 70s. Not only do modern cars have many new safety features, such as airbags and anti-lock brakes, the roads too have been upgraded.

Speed remains the leading cause of death on our roads, responsible for around 40 per cent of all road fatalities in Australia. However, a recent trial of a derestricted speed limit on a 200km section of the Stuart Highway north of Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory, has seen not one fatality or serious injury in the seven months since it started.

Some safety experts advocate that an increased speed limit on major highways would reduce fatigue-related fatalities, as drivers would reach their destinations sooner. Do you think it is would be wise to increase the speed limits on appropriate roads. Or do you think we would see more speed-related accidents?


Written by Debbie McTaggart