How to post an experience, recipe or review

It is recommended you keep this information open while posting your first experience, recipe or review.

Start by logging into the website. If the system cannot find your email address, this is because you are only signed up as an enewsletter subscriber and never signed up to the website. Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes. Click here to register.

Visit your profile page by clicking on ‘My Profile’ found in the top right hand side of your screen and pictured to your right. If you cannot see it, click here.

You will now see a page similar to the one pictured below. This is where you can post a travel experience, recipe or review at any time. Simply click on whichever one you want to post as directed by the arrows below.


Start by naming your item. For example ‘Vienna to Moscow – My Great Train Adventure’. Once you have decided on a title, click on the ‘save button’. You will now be directed to a full document page where you will be asked to fill in the following information from top to bottom.
*Process may slightly differ depending on if you submit an experience, recipe or review*

Location (Where this experience happened):
Date (use the little calendar button to make it easier):
Your Experience/Recipe/Review text:
Any hosted video you wish to include (YouTube etc):
Gallery Images (Any pictures from the trip. Click the Upload File button to submit this):

Once you filled in all of these items, click the Save button located at the bottom right hand side.

You will have one last chance to view your submission now. If you happy with it, click Submit, if not click Edit (repeat above process).

Congratulations, your experience/review/recipe has been sent for approval by our website and will either be published within a week. If there are any problems or clarification needed, you will be emailed directly.

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