Steve Martin is a first-time dad at 67

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Actor Steve Martin, from films such as Cheaper By The Dozen and Parenthood, has become a father for the first time at 67 with wife Anne Stringfield (41). Do you think this is just another exciting step in Steve’s life, or is his decision to become a parent later in life unfair to his child? Tell us what you think.

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    67 is way too old to father a child and do full justice to the full range of parental responsibilities. This is gobsmackingly self indulgence on Steve Martin’s part.

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    It may at first seem a little old but when we reflect on his ability to pay for every material thing that child will ever require then Steve Martin may prove to be a better father than many instances we are unfortunate to witness in this country…
    I have seen too many immature and unworthy examples of parenting to criticise on the basis of age.

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    Hope both enjoy their lives grow up and growing old together.

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    I have no doubt that Steve and his partner considered the long term consequences very carefully, before making this decision. I can see that for some it would be too old, however if the mother is younger, as she appears to be, and together they are able to offer all the resources, including love and understanding, the child will be very fortunate indeed

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      In my opinion, it would be doubtful if he and his partner gave ANY consideration to the prospect of pregnancy when the vast proportion of fellows his age are firing blanks at best

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      blanks?? Nahhhhh, it’s the last part of a bloke to die!! I say g’luck to both of the parents. Parents old enough to be g’parents. I can see so many positives. I agree Red, the child will be very fortunate. We know how G’parents spoil the G’child, well this child will be greatly loved and spoiled, but in a good way.

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    I can’t see the difference between Steve Martin not being around for the child because he may die when it is young, to any other single parent families. At least he’ll help care for the child while he is around.

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    it’s no body’s business but their own.

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    I think this is their business, who can say what life is going to dish out anyway, so as long as the baby is loved and cared for, it will have a better chance than millions of poor little souls all over the world.
    I would like to add though, rather them than me!

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    I speak only as the the child of older parents and I feel I am well qualified to give an opinion.
    Yes,in my opinion, it is too old. For one thing my grandparents were dead when I was born so I never knew them, my cousins were a generation older and I felt my mother did not have the energy to devote any time to my sister and myself. We had to amuse ourselves. There are many other reasons I wont go into but it is my opinion that having children before 36 years of age is the right time.

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    It is their business of course, but just think the poor kid is thirteen when his Dad is eighty.
    And I think Radish is right. Our last one was born when we were 44 and 45 respectively and while we considered him a gift for being ‘good’ it was a bit of work some times. Nevertheless we could afford a baby at this stage in our live and he was (is) a joy in our lives. Apart from this he two extra mothers who made sure he wasn’t too spoiled.

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    It is a ‘double-edged’ sword. The child will have an old Dad, but will never have to do without thanks to Steve’s money, and will surely be loved in the precious time that they have together. Even in ‘ideal’ families things go wrong and tragedy can happen. Unfortunately, every day young parents die. All of us only want to have a happy life spent with loving families..

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      neenat, I hear what you’re not saying. Whatever the future holds for the Martin family, I’m sure it will be filled with love. The most important thing is the love and stability for the child.

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