Miniseries on Alan Bond’s life

The Nine Network, once famously bought for $1 billion by Alan Bond, is creating a miniseries about the controversial businessman’s life.

With help from veteran ABC journalist Paul Barry, the two-to-three part miniseries will reveal hidden truths about the life of a man who was portrayed as both a legend and a villain to the Australian public. Paul Barry has written two books and presented two Four Corners documentaries about the late businessman.

As well as buying the Nine Network from Kerry Packer in 1987, the former Australian of the Year supported Australia’s win of the America’s Cup in 1982. He declared bankruptcy in 1992, having clocked up a debt of $1.8 billion, and was sentenced to seven years in prison for fraud five years later.

Bond died on 5 June this year after suffering complications following open heart surgery.

Head of drama for the Nine Network, Andy Ryan said the network was excited to develop the miniseries for the small screen. “Alan Bond was a larger-than-life character and a controversial figure in Australian public life,” he said.

The project, currently in development stages and will be produced by Cordell Jigsaw. It is expect to reach Australian television screens within two years.  

Read more at Sydney Morning Herald.

Will you watch the miniseries of Alan Bond’s life? Do you think it will reveal more about the prominent businessperson’s life or have Australians heard it all before?

Written by ameliath