New baby for William and Catherine

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have announced that they are expecting a second child. The baby when born will be 4th in line to the throne, but with Queen Elizabeth II about to become the longest serving British monarch, this little Windsor may not get to take his place on the throne. A brother or sister for Prince George, now aged 14 months, the baby is said to be due in April, however, Catherine is again suffering from chronic morning sickness, so it’s not known her exact due date.

With Queen Victoria spending 69 years on the throne, you would have thought it would a tough reign to beat, but the current queen, Elizabeth II, is set to overtake her longevity on the throne in September 2015. Queen Elizabeth has already started cutting back on royal duties, allowing her son and grandsons to pick up the slack, so perhaps this is a sign that Charles may not have to wait too long to be crowned king.

With William producing and heir, and now a spare on the way, the British Royal family look to be going strong, but does it still have the same influence on world politics and policy?