Purrfect practice

A new program aimed at helping young readers become more confident reading aloud has been implemented in the animal shelter, Berks County Rescue League in Pennsylvania. 

Book Buddies involves students in grades one to eight practising their verbal reading skills on the shelter’s cats, who are up for adoption. The premise is that many children struggle when learning to read in front of other children, so the program offers them a safe place to practice without fear of judgement.

A spokesperson for shelter says, “The program will help children improve their reading skills while also helping the shelter animals.” The cats appreciate the attention and apparently find the rhythmic sound of the children’s voices soothing, according to a staff member.

The program was launched by Animal Rescue League’s program coordinator, Kristi Rodriquez. Her son Sean had trouble reading out loud, so she brought him in the shelter so he could read to cats. When he asked to come back, Kristi knew that other children would also like to take part.

In addition to children acquiring stronger reading skills, we’re sure that many lucky felines have acquired new homes. A happy experience for all. 

Photos of children reading to cats.

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