RSPCA Pet Matchmaker

Are you looking for love? The RSPCA Pet Matchmaker helps you to find a furry friend in need of a new home. Discover your perfect pet at a shelter near you.

Use the RSPCA Pet Matchmaker website to help you to find a cat, dog or other animal which perfectly suits your needs. To use the website, first visit Next, look for the green box on the right hand side of the screen. You can choose a particular type of animal from the drop-down menu, or simply allow fate to take its course.

Next, you will need to choose your lifestyle colour. This is a system the RSPCA uses to categorise the type of animal which will suit your needs. Take a look at the list of traits exhibited by dogs and cats in different lifestyle colours and choose which colour would best suit your household.

Blue lifestyle
Dogs which suit a blue lifestyle are low-maintenance, calm, easily settled, non-attention demanding, need little training, are easy to walk on a lead, good with strangers and children and need low to moderate activity levels. Cats which suit a blue lifestyle are affectionate, playful, adventurous, easily settled, good with children and enjoy interacting with people.

Green lifestyle
Dogs which suit a green lifestyle need high activity levels, some basic training, are clever, settle well after exercise, are playful and may require some grooming. Cats which suit green households make good companions, are inquisitive and like to investigate, are self-entertained and enjoy cuddling with humans.

Orange lifestyle
Dogs who suit orange lifestyles need more advanced or specific training, a long-term training commitment, lots of attention, are very playful and need an older family, not young children. Cats which suit an orange lifestyle need a quiet household where they can feel secure, enjoy time to themselves and need patience before they will learn to trust and love you (but once they do, you will have plenty of cuddles).

Next select your state, choose a shelter from the drop-down menu and click the ‘submit’ button to find your pet matches.

Have you ever adopted a pet? Would you consider adopting a mature animal, or do you prefer to find a puppy or kitten so you can see your furry friend grow and flourish?