Saving Pete the possum

Last weekend I took my dog out for a walk and was intrigued by his reluctance to wee against a particular tree. On further inspection I soon found out why.

There, curled up in a ball, no larger than my fist, was a baby ringtail possum. I’d never seen a ringtail possum before, but it was instantly recognisable. Not sure what to do, I went inside and Googled ‘possum rescue’ and was directed to Wildlife Victoria’s website.

On calling the emergency number given, I was advised there was a wait time for my call to be answered, but during this time I was told valuable information about which species Wildlife Victoria would assist and what I should do in the interim. When I rushed out with a box and blanket to retrieve Pete, as I’d now lovingly called him, I realised I wasn’t a moment too soon, as there was a rather large magpie pecking around.

Before my call was answered, Pete was safely snuggled up in the darkness of my garage. It actually only took a few minutes for my call to be answered and when it was, I had to give a few details about what I had found, where I had found it, etc. I was asked if I could take it to the nearest registered vet, which I was happy to do.

So, some 15 minutes after my discovery, Pete was delivered into the safe hands of the vet for assessment. The good news is he’s coming back to our area, as all animals, when they’re fit enough, are re-released into the location where they were found.

Wildlife Victoria, as with many other wildlife rescue organisations, rely on the hard work of volunteers and donations. If you find an injured or abandoned native animal, these organisations work tirelessly to look after, or treat these animals. Please consider donating your time, or making a small financial donation to your local wildlife organisation.

Written by Debbie McTaggart