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Finding the perfect wedding dress is hard enough the first time around. If you are considering renewing your vows or having a second wedding, you have another opportunity to steal the show or even make up for a bad choice the first time around.

The trick is to think sleek and subtle when it comes to round two. While there’s no denying that you should wear what you want, a simple and sophisticated outfit will win over the mature meringue every time.

Here are our favourite looks for the ‘grown-up’ bride.

When choosing fabric, lace is always a winner as it provides an understated air, while still making a statement. You also can’t go wrong with satin, silk and chiffon.

Alice + Olivia, Jaelyn Cross-Front Pleated Chiffon Gown, $548


Kay Unger, Textured Floral Lace Dress, $396


Unlike your first wedding, don’t feel you must wear white this time around. White isn’t always the easiest colour to wear and if you feel another shade brings out your features I would work with that. Opting for a colour can achieve a much more striking and fun outfit.

House of Holland Lace Boater Dress, $665


Deciding how much skin to show is another obstacle to overcome. While again I stress that this is a very personal celebration about you, and therefore you should wear what you feel comfortable in, the following guidelines may help.

Unless you love strapless styles and feel that they do a lot for you, I would avoid them. On the majority of women they aren’t the most flattering option. Sleeves are a great way to draw attention away from arms, as are lightweight dressy jackets or wraps. I would recommend showing a little décolletage but steering clear of any plunging necklines and balancing out a sleeve with a dress that falls just above the knee or at waltz length (above the ankle).

ASOS Midi Skate Dress With Belt and Zip Back, $78


 Carven Crepe Maxi Dress, $850


Finally, don’t feel that you have to choose a dress. Separates can often make a more stylish outfit. A smart top and skirt or a matching jacket and skirt are both great options and have the benefit of being able to be worn again as individual pieces.

Above all else, remember that this occasion is about you and your partner and you should choose an outfit in which you are comfortable and that makes you feel absolutely fabulous.

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Written by SJ


Total Comments: 11
  1. 0

    thats got to be the stupidest thing I ever saw…. who in there right might thinks that by the time you get to middle age you look like a 20 year old. Try again!

  2. 0

    As I have already said on other occasions, this site has become ridiculous and irrelevant.
    As it was and still is intended to be for middle aged people, why the heck show fashions intended for young women. Beyond stupid and it shows your lack of professionalism.
    Please return to your original style.
    At least I have had my daily laugh. You don’t let me down.

  3. 0

    A bright pink see-through skater lace dress half way up the leg or lots of bare flesh in the alternatives? Hmmm. Not appropriate for a wedding at any age never mind those of us over 50.

    Really! Is there not a better stylist available who understands the needs of mature women?

    Or can I have the name of your surgeon?

  4. 0

    I have never been married –
    I was 57 – I was doing a fund raiser out bound calls – I call a barrister at Owen Dixon Chambers – eventually he gave me $100 for the kids & invited me to his office for coffee – I said I could not – it would not be ethical – he then rang & rang & rang “I will get the sack if you keep ringing” – “so give me your no” in desperation I gave him my mobile no :-
    He rang me every day
    We went out
    He said he had serious plans for us
    I asked “are you going to marry me”
    “could do” he replied
    He was 66 & 1/2 years old – 9 & 1/2 year older than me
    I thought about this
    Mrs. – – – – – – – – –
    & I thought about it
    & I thought about it
    I had never been married – I am fiercely independent & he may actually want to marry me.
    You know after a while I thought it was a nice idea.
    Of course about a year later I discovered that he was already married
    But better still – My friend Lish told me that he also had 5 KEPT WOMEN
    Mistresses that he loved & could not bare to part with.
    I don’t know how to play second fiddle but it was nice while it lasted.

  5. 0

    How old is SJ Fallick? I find all her fashion writings are seriously wide off the mark and pathetic. Please employ someone who has a better idea of fashion, and that doesn’t mean we have to be frumpy either. I will not be reading anymore SJ Fallick articles they always disappoint.

  6. 0

    Hang on a sec …. apart from the pinkie and the shorter dresses I think some of those
    dresses are elegant and suitable for over 50s, the second time around (+ + +). The only thing
    of concern, IMO, would be the belted waistlines.

  7. 0

    Oh dear this is the first time I have been really motivated to have a negative comment. I love your newsletter – but please have a good look at what you are posting for an over 50’s bride. I am 60 married for the 2nd time 8 years ago and was looking for inspiration. This would not be what I thought would be me. I love to be stylish and out there but really this is neither – just what I would consider mutton dressed up as lamb. Be realistic and honour our age.

  8. 0

    For an article (obstensibly) for over 50’s, the use of skinny, tall, young models is a bit ridiculous. Show clothes on short, older (maybe plump) models.

    Also, why give brands and prices – a bit of commercial promotion maybe?

    Sensible advice for older women would be – dress for the occasion, weather, and locale. Dress to please yourself and your fiance – not the fashionistas or Gen-y’s. Avoid lace unless you are slim. Choose a colour which flatters your skin and hair. Take photos of yourself in the recommended outfit before you buy (cameras are cruel, and you will be facing many on the big day).



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