Should older drivers know better?

Victoria Police has lashed out at older drivers for driving while under the influence, saying they should know better, but what’s age got to do with anything?

Figures released by Victoria Police reveal that in the last three years, 312 drivers aged over 70 were busted with a blood alcohol level above the .05 limit. This included at least six pensioners aged over 90. While drink driving is clearly unacceptable, it’s worth noting that 12,000 Victorians in total lose their licences each year due to drink-driving offences.

Last year 4100 older drivers had their licences taken off them by Vic Roads after being reported by their families or failing a medical test. Victoria is the only state which does not require older drivers to sit a mandatory test at a certain age.

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Is Victoria Police right to single out older drink drivers? Are older drivers out of touch with road rules and more likely to drive over the limit? Is it the responsibility of a family to report an older member who may not be fit to drive?

Written by Debbie McTaggart