Should Schapelle get paid?

Sunrise presenter David Koch isn’t the only one up in arms at Channel 7’s decision to pay $2 million for Schapelle Corby’s story. The public’s general feeling is that the convicted drug smuggler shouldn’t benefit, but will that mean people won’t watch her tell-all interview?

Schapelle Corby walked out of jail on Monday, having secured parole following nine years in jail for smuggling 4.2kg of marijuana into Bali. It took only hours for her team to secure the deal, thought to be in excess of $2 million, with Channel 7, which will include stories in the group’s publications, such as New Idea magazine. In order to protect any deal, she covered her face in a scarf as she left the jail.

Corby was whisked away to the luxurious Sentosa resort in Seminyak, while her mother turned on the media camped outside her home. Surely you can’t have it both ways? If you decide to sell your story, then you have opened yourself up to media scrutiny.

On Sunrise yesterday, which features on the 7 Network, presenter David Koch distanced himself from the decision of his bosses to secure the exclusive. “I reckon we should have nothing to do with her as a network,” he said. “I totally disagree with paying a convicted drug smuggler $2 million. I know Indonesia is corrupt and all that sort of stuff, but she is convicted.”

7 News’s chief sports presenter, Jim Wilson, took to Twitter to let his views on the matter be known, which weren’t quite as anti-tell-all as Kochie’s:

Do you agree with David Koch? Or does Schapelle have the right to sell her story to the highest bidder? Will you watch the interview?

Written by Debbie McTaggart