The gift of giving

If there is someone in your life who has everything, or you just don’t want to give a gift which gets thrown to the back of the cupboard, why not think about a gift that keeps on giving?

Organisations such as Oxfam and CARE Australia are helping you to enjoy the best kind of gifts – those which are given, not received – by offering charity gifts as an alternative to just donating money.

How it works
You choose to purchase a particular product – such as clean drinking water for a family, a pig, a vegetable garden or a child’s education – which means your money is going into an area you feel is important. In return you receive a card which tells your gift recipient that you have purchased, for example, a goat on their behalf.

Oxfam Unwrapped
Oxfam Unwrapped is the gifting section of the Oxfam organisation. Oxfam is a charity organisation focused not on handouts, but on providing people with the skills and resources to help them create their own solutions to poverty.
Some examples of Oxfam Unwrapped gifts are:

  • $10 Chicken
  • $40 Literacy Classes
  • $94 Farmer’s Pack (a goat, a duck and some seeds)
  • $495Buffalo

Oxfam Unwrapped offers these and many other gifts. To see the full range visit the Oxfam Unwrapped website.

CARE Australia
CARE Australia is an Australian-based non-religious, non-political organisation which focuses on working with women and girls to bring about change.
Some examples of CARE Australia gifts are:

  • $10 School Books
  • $25 Immunisation for a child
  • $40 Piglet
  • $120 Bike for a Birth Attendant

There are many other gifts available at the CARE Australia website.