Top five budget home makeovers

Does this seasons episodes of The Block leave you a little less than satisfied with your own humble abode? Unlike the contestants on the show, most of us do not have a huge budget to enable us to undertake much-needed renovations, so we have found five websites offering some great tips for budget home makeovers. has some simple ways to transform your property to make your living space more appealing. offers an excellent home renovations guide plus DIY home renovating advice for those who like to get their hands dirty while sticking to their budget

At you can exchange ideas about decorating on a budget, find inspiration on interior decor and read about design tips and trends. is full of interior design inspiration for those small places in your home or apartment. 

The Better Homes and Gardens website is full of DIY projects and information about how to do it yourself without any disasters

Do you have any budget renovation and home makeover tips to share? Have you got a favourite website that you use to help with your DIY projects?