Top five personality quizzes

How stereotypically Australian are you? Are you emotionally intelligent? Which West Wing character are you? Discover these answers and more with these fun personality quizzes.

How stereotypically Australian are you?
Do you eat a lot of Vegemite? Greet people with “g’day”? Live by the beach? Discover how stereotypically Australian you are with this fun quiz.

How emotionally intelligent are you?
Discover how emotionally intelligent you are by correctly identifying a series of facial expressions. This quiz is based on scientific research, so the results should be quite accurate.

Which West Wing character are you?
Are you Leo, Josh, CJ, Toby, Charlie, Abigail, or one of the other many characters who appear in The West Wing?

What are your defining personality traits?
A group of PhD psychologists built a website which allows you to rate your own personality, as you see it, and to then discover if other people see you the same way you see yourself. The website is free to use, but in order to get answers you do have to take a few moments to answer questions about other people. You get what you give.

What item of furniture are you?
The answer you’ve always needed about yourself: which item of household furniture are you? Discover your innermost furnishing secrets with this tongue-in-cheek quiz.