Weirdest baby names of the year

After Essential Baby compiled the most popular Australian baby names of 2013, (boys: William, Jack, Oliver, Ethan and Noah, girls: Charlotte, Ruby, Olivia, Chloe and Emily), we can reliably turn to the USA to provide us with the weirdest baby names in vogue this year. There are some real doozies, with television shows and movies giving young, naive parents inspiration.

In 2013, there were 241 Khaleesis, from the television show Game of Thrones, and 63 Vanellopes, from the children’s cartoon Wreck-it Ralph.

But these were not the weirdest by far. Parents got creative with name spellings. Zachary was a popular name, but Zaccari, Zacharey, Zackarie, Zacorey and Zacorie all made appearances.

There were 14 girls named Andrew and 18 boys named Isabella.

Parents were also hedging their bets by combining two names, rather than choosing just one. There were 22 Johndavids, 10 Ethanjameses and five Charlotteroses. They were deliberately spelt as one name, rather than two names with a hyphen.

Other names guaranteed to haunt their children forever are:


  • Nyx (20)
  • Treazure (17)
  • Abcde (16)
  • Jurney (16)
  • Blimi (12)
  • Pistol (9)
  • Rarity (7)
  • Kinzington (6)
  • Prezlee (6)
  • Cymphony (5)
  • Ransom (5)



  • Cross (44)
  • Bless (22)
  • Coal (11)
  • Moo (11)
  • Jceion (10)
  • Hatch (8)
  • Tuf (8)
  • Psalms (7)
  • Xzaiden (7)
  • Kyndle (6)
  • Lexus (6)
  • Power (6)
  • Boulder (5)
  • Subaru (5)
  • Trillion (5)


How would you feel if your grandchild was given one of these names? Should doctors counsel parents to reconsider such bizarre names, or is the right to name a child solely that of the parent?

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