What the famous (don’t) eat

Have you ever wondered if famous folk are fussy about what they eat? When the chefs who cook for the world’s leaders got together this week, all was revealed.

The Club des Chefs, or those who cook for heads of state and political heavyweights, held its annual meeting in London this week and revealed just what the Queen, and others, will and won’t eat.

While Queen Elizabeth will not eat shellfish, Prince Philip does like a beer with lunch. It has been claimed by a previous royal chef that the Queen starts her day with Special K cereal and ends it with a gin and DuBonnet. French President Francois Hollande hates artichokes and President Obama has a strong dislike of beetroot. But it appears that only Vladimir Putin has his food tasted before he eats it to check it has not been poisoned.

It was also revealed that Nelson Mandela was a man of simple tastes, who once served bangers and mash to a dinner guest.

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