What you asked Google in 2016

We know you’ve been waiting all year for this. This week, Google revealed the most popular searches of 2016. And while you’d be correct in thinking more serious topics such as Brexit and Bowie are up there, the most popular search of the year was actually a little yellow critter and his friends.

Pokémon Go has had a very big year, topping the list for top searches around the world. The gaming phenomenon was closely followed by the iPhone 7 arriving on the scene, Donald Trump ruffling feathers, Prince departing this life for the next and the $1.6 billion Powerball lottery draw in the US.

Closer to home, while our own Federal Election received considerable Google traffic, Australians were far more interested in keeping up with the riveting US election and the botched Census.

Overall top-trending searches in Australia:

1. US election

2. Olympics

3. Census

4. Euro cup 2016

5. Australian Open 2016

6. Pokemon Go

7. Donald Trump

8. iPhone 7

9. David Bowie

10. Prince

Losses Aussies cared about most:

1. David Bowie

2. Prince

3. Alan Rickman

4. Muhammad Ali

5. Christina Grimmie

6. Leonard Cohen

7. Gene Wilder

8. Glenn Frey

9. Anton Yelchin

10. Chyna

Top searches Aussies made in each category:

Australians: Mitchell Pearce

Global people: Donald Trump

News events: US election results

Sporting events: Olympics

Deaths: David Bowie

Recipes: pancakes

How to: tie a tie?

What is: my IP address?

Why is: there a leap day?

Check out the full list of trending Google searches globally or by specific country.

Written by ameliath


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