Win children’s picture book Shine

Do you find it challenging to share the news of loss with children? You are not alone.

“Though we sometimes need different language and methods to speak to children about death, more often than not children greatly appreciate the honesty. If you are unsure of how to speak to a child about death, a book or a story that deals honestly with the topic can be really helpful”, says InvoCare’s Communications Manager, Karl Wolfenden.

So, this week, we are giving away a beautiful children’s picture book written by Trace Balla titled, Shine: a story about saying goodbye. With touching illustrations, this book makes sharing the news of loss with young children just a little easier, for it’s a story of the everlasting power of love.

This is a special giveaway for those who are in need of such a book. If this is you, and you wish to win one of five copies, then please email us at [email protected] with your name, postal address, phone number and a few short paragraphs on how you have shared or might share the news of loss with children.

Written by leshka