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With the move to disband the IAHG, but is Tony Abbott just storing up trouble for the Australian Government.

“From my experience persons with poor health or mental aberration are excluded from becoming accepted citizens of Australia. So if people arrive here without the usual Visa system and have medical or mental health problems, they should immediately be shipped back if they do not pass the basic medical requirement. We don’t accept mental ill health as a medical illness for our own citizens.

The mental health institutions which was where the experts once were have all been disbanded and the problems shoved over to general hospitals to cope with. These hospitals are not set up for adequate security or have personnel properly trained to deal with the many variances of mental ill health. This includes the medical staff. So what difference does it make that illegals are now receiving the same level of care of mental illness as the rest of society. It’s now an equal playing field. Why should we be giving specialised care to non-residents while ignoring our own, who have either been born here or have worked and contributed to Australia all their lives. So NO I support the Government in disbanding the service and bringing it down to the standard we all find ourselves subjected to.”

“Notice that this item soon bought out the Scott Morrison fan club.  Most of the previous respondents failed to notice that this organisation provided advice and not assistance, but then that’s not unusual of the myopic condition of the “club”. Wally (no pun intended) is correct in one point, where was the review?”

“Not surprising, this Government doesn’t mind neglecting and demonising those who cannot stand up for themselves. From their own website, “Australia has international obligations to protect the human rights of all asylum seekers and refugees who arrive in Australia, regardless of how or where they arrive and whether they arrive with or without a visa. Yet, the Abbott government continue to remove their obligations.”

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Scientists and researchers are making continued strides in the field of ‘home-grown’ organs, but are they going too far?

There are also possibilities with 3D printing that may eventually be used to create various body parts. Whilst all these things are possibilities for the future, we need action now.??I think it is appalling that families of the deceased can override the wishes of the deceased and prevent harvesting of organs when the person has made it clear they want to be a donor. Not all deceased persons are suitable for donorship anyway and to have the potential pool of donors restricted further by families who for their own ‘selfish’ reasons refuse to consent to the donation is beyond belief. ??It should be that you have to opt out of being a donor rather than opting in. That way doctors do not have to ask and families will not be able to overrule. We need a culture of donorship. Then we wouldn’t need to rely on the manufacture of ‘parts’ at least in the short term. We are a long way from the commercial application of this research exciting as it may be.”

What an excellent break through. So far I have been lucky to cope on the kidney most of my life, but many other Renal patients have not been so lucky. Let’s hope our government supports this breakthrough and makes history. Many thanks to an Australian Professor Melissa Little.

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The mid-year budget may not have come as too much of a shock to anyone, but according to Kaye, Joe Hockey didn’t do himself any favours with his delivery.

“You cannot expect the present Government to pick up the huge deficit of the previous Government in such a short time or without some economic constraints on all of us, that’s un-realistic. We are pensioners on a very limited budget, but do not expect ‘miracles’ just yet!”

“…will the zealots even bother to read the facts? Yes good fiscal management under Labor, no slide into financial ruin, yes we borrowed to stop that. Rest of the world says “great job” and we vote them out.”

“Joe Hockey claims his midyear budget update is an honest assessment of the state of fiscal affairs he inherited from Labor. It isn’t, it is an attempt to lower expectations about the speed and ease with which the Coalition will be able to get the budget back on track.”

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Apple has been caught by the ACCC giving false warranty and refund advice, but will consumers know they have more rights?”

“Any guarantee offered on any product sold in Australia is not worth the paper it is written on. The cost of sending an item away for repair is usually more than the item is worth in the first instance and who picks up the tab for this? The customer! Which is why when I buy a product and it fails within the guarantee period, I cut my losses and resolve never to purchase another item sporting that brand name again. If more people did this, then manufactures might eventually get the message. As it stands now, most things are so poorly made it’s a wonder people buy anything available in this country, but they still do; then wonder why manufactures continue to operate on a premise of – ” Dumb customers, they’ll buy anything!” – no matter how poorly it’s made. Apple being a case in point!”

“The ACCC seems to be in awe of big business, and this will get worse, of course, with the present, to be short-lived, government who thinks big business can do no wrong.?Oil companies and other big businesses are treated very gently by the ACCC. Smaller businesses without the lawyered up resources of business giants, are pursued rigorously.?ACCC is definitely a bully, picking on weaker companies to flex their regulatory muscles on.”

Rattus villosissimus?
“Don’t be surprised if our consumer laws get changed. If the yanks decide our consumer protection is a “restrictive practice” they will pressure our goverment to change it. Our so called representatives will then nod their little heads, wag their little tails and roll on to their backs waiting for good old uncle sam to scratch their bellies. Hell, they will probably even announce it was their initiative to improve trade relations with the US.”

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