13 Seeds wants you to get a good night’s sleep

13 Seeds wants to put the energy back in your day, and it’s all about getting a good night’s sleep.

A good night’s sleep can make or break you. We’ve all spent a night tossing and turning, or not being able to ‘turn off’ after a stressful day.

And if you do get to sleep, the next day often isn’t great either. A poor night’s sleep can result in a day of low energy, cranky mood, and lack of motivation.

If you have trouble falling asleep due to stress, anxiety, insomnia or fatigue and want to improve your sleep, 13 seeds new product TheraNight+ Natural Deep Sleep may be able to get you back on track.

TheraNight+ improves sleep quality, uses 100 per cent natural active ingredients and no melatonin (unlike alternative synthetic sleep capsules).

You can expect to see results on the first night of sleep, but 13 Seeds says the full result will take several weeks as the natural ingredients act gently on the body. 

Using TheraNight+  you will fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, to put the energy back in your day.

As it uses herbal ingredients, there are zero known side-effects and 13 Seeds is so confident about the product there is a 30-day money back guarantee

13 Seeds is currently running a Mother’s Day Sale with up to 40 per cent off its TheraNight+ Natural Deep Sleep capsules.

13 Seeds is an Australian health food line based in Tasmania that focuses on creating natural products to replace chemical-based medication.

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