Could this award-winning pillowcase change your life?

Laying your head down at night should be a relaxing experience, but consider this shocking fact: pillowcases have 1000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat after just three days.

This bacteria ends up clogging our pores and is the No.1 cause behind most breakouts.

Enter Silvi, a pillowcase that eliminates 99.7 per cent of acne-causing bacteria and is set to become a new skincare essential.

Silvi’s secret? Its world-first combination of pure mulberry silk treated with natural, antibacterial silver to prevent bacterial growth.

Silk, a well-known beauty trick, also helps maintain skin’s moisture for a beautiful, natural glow.

In as little as four weeks, Silvi works to prevent breakouts, dry/oily skin, blackheads and whiteheads. The pillowcase is clinically tested, ethically made, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and made for all skin types using zero chemicals.

Silvi is available in a standard and king size for $89 each.

When best mates Max Hertan and Ben Goodman discovered it was their cotton pillowcases that were contributing to their acne problem, they decided to come up with a solution that has since become a bestseller. They sold $350,000 of pillows in the first six weeks from launch.

Silvi pillowcases are:

  • Breathable and soft made from mulberry silk for maximum comfort
  • Hypoallergenic, designed for sensitive skin, no itchiness
  • Give 30-day results, with clearer skin within a month, guaranteed
  • All natural, as silver is non-toxic and chemical free.

Fantastic facts

– Won the Prevention Beauty Award 2021 for Best Beauty Tool

– Sold more than 100,000 pillowcases in first year from launch

– More than 1300 reviews with a 4.8/5-star average

– 33,000-plus Instagram followers in first year

Our customers love us!

“Truly the best investment I could have made for my skincare routine, as I have seen continuous visible improvements since I began using it!” Frankie

“The GOAT of silk pillowcases – my skin has completely transformed and is now the clearest as it’s ever been!! I’m beyond impressed!” Makeupjunkie

“The improvement in my skin alone is enough to make me scream ‘Silvi is the best’.” Emma

Silvi is available in a standard and king size for $89 each.

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