Downsizers and property purchasers – meet Contrax!

The property market is fast-paced and competitive. Especially right now. By the time you’ve found your dream home, you’re already on the back foot. Agents are calling. Competing offers are rolling in. But you’re stuck looking for a lawyer and waiting for them to get back to you.

You’re overwhelmed by the jargon and the complicated legal processes. And all this, before you’ve even decided to go ahead and make an offer for the place.

But, as you know, it’s essential that you’re happy with the contract terms before moving forward with an offer. Ask questions or negotiate changes now because you lose this opportunity as soon as your offer is accepted unconditionally or wins at auction.

Easement running through the property? Land tax payable? Swimming pool not compliant? These are just some of the things you risk missing in the contract without a Contrax legal review. Lucky for you, Contrax has got you covered. We’re committed to making sure our buyers are fully informed and ahead of the game.

A Contrax legal review is the fastest, most convenient way for you to get a legal review of the sale contract for any property you’re interested in buying. Get started online in seconds!

Contrax offers clear, simple and better pricing that allows homebuyers to pay for only what they need, with no obligations if they miss out. For $74, Contrax will be by your side from contract review up to exchange. We’ll help you uncover any legal issues with the contract and negotiate with the vendor’s solicitor to remove unfair clauses and personalise the deal to your individual needs.

Contrax allows you to avoid the current runaround and quickly get a handle on the contract. That means no jargon, no complication and no chasing lawyers to get back to you.

With Contrax, you’re prepared and in control. You can quickly understand any issues with the contract and move fast to personalise it to your needs. You’re all set.

So get a leg up, save money and find your dream abode with Contrax!

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