How to reap the rewards of investing – without necessarily having to 'know how'

Want to pay off your house? Enjoy a blow-out holiday? It’s easy to achieve your goals with Unhedged – a new app that allows you to invest without the hassle of knowing how.

Unhedged is on a mission to enable everyday people to effortlessly invest, using artificial intelligence and algorithms to choose stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Removing the human element means the investment decisions are free of emotional bias, which is notorious for sabotaging rational investment decisions.

This is the first time investors can access an algorithmic product that has a fee structure heavily weighted to beating the market.

Thousands of Australians are already using this new automatic investing app. So why not download the app and start with some ‘play money’ to test out the demo for yourself?

If you’re satisfied, you can start with as little as one hundred dollars and choose from a preset combination of algorithms or mix and match them on your own. You can begin with a one-time investment and add more as you go – and withdraw your funds at any time.

The fee structure is favourable for both large investors and small investors. No other financial app in Australia charges most of its fees only when you make more than the assigned benchmarks! Essentially, you’ll only pay a ‘success’ fee instead of high monthly fees.

And anyone can sign up to Unhedged without having to join a waitlist. Why not give it a go today?

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