Futurerent on a mission to help landlords

Futurerent gives property investors their rent in advance in a simple and fast way to access up to $100,000.

Property investors use Futurerent because there’s no interest, no hidden fees, and no credit impact. 

Futurerent offers two packages, depending on how the money is being used. For each investment property a client owns, they can access either: 

  • Up to two years of rent in advance – if they use the money to buy an additional property. This can be repaid over three years. 
  • Up to one year of rent in advance – if they use the money for any other purpose, for example: renovating their own home or investment property, investing in a business, or buying shares. This can be repaid over one and a half, two or three years. 

Futurerent charges a fixed cost of 6 per cent of the rental advance each year and the maximum repayment term is three years.

For example, Tim has an investment property rented for $3000 a month. If Tim wants to buy another property, he can get two years’ rent in advance – $72,000 – to go towards his deposit and pay it off over three years.

Futurerent is on a mission to radically transform how property investors access financing. It’s created a new, loan-free financing solution that’s simple, fast and 100 per cent built for property investors. 

Futurerent empowers property investors to do more with their rental income, whether that’s building their wealth through property, investing in a business or shares, or funding personal goals.  

Client Darren Wilson said: “As an investor, that ability to quickly and efficiently bring forward rent that is already yours and reinvest that into an existing property that you can then list to the market with a much higher rent – it’s the definition of a win-win for me.”

Futurerent enables property investors to do more with their rental income, making their money work harder.

This is how they are different:

  • Because Futurerent is repaid from the tenants’ rent, there is no painful paperwork as the company does not use complex serviceability criteria, nor does it scrutinise clients’ personal income and expenses. Futurerent work closely with the property manager to get all the paperwork it needs. 
  • Futurerent does not provide loans, it simply advances rent. This means no interest, no hidden fees, and no credit impact.
  • Futurerent is the chocolate fudge on a home loan sundae. Using Futurerent allows the investor to maintain their cashflow and receive up to 60 per cent of their rental income throughout the repayment term.

Use the Futurerent calculator to calculate how much rent you could get in advance.

“The key difference between Futurerent and any loan is you’re not borrowing money - you’re just getting your rent paid in advance,” says chief executive and founder Godfrey Dinh.

“This means there’s none of the headaches associated with getting a loan, like going through serviceability and valuation assessments, damage to your credit file, and paying interest. We get everything we need from the client’s property manager.

“We’re excited that in just two years of operating, we’ve unlocked over 277 years of rent for property investors across Australia.

“Our clients have used the money to buy additional properties, renovate their dream homes, and reinvest in their businesses.”

For more information visit www.futurerent.com.au.

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