Get $20 off The Only Keto Wines Co low-sugar wine range

We recently published a story about some wines having more sugar than doughnuts. While most oenophiles would hardly be turned off wine because of some pesky sugar story, spare a thought for those on low-sugar, low-carb diets or who have diabetes, skin allergies, sulphur allergies or who cop a migraine after each glass.

Well, they – and those of you who do care about your sugar intake – can enjoy some of the most delicious drops without worrying about the nastiness associated with high sugar content.

The Only Keto Wines Co is a curated wine collection that includes only organic wines that are all independently lab tested for extremely low sugar.

You can select your preferred wine varieties – including limited edition Italian sparkling and French champagne – in every pack. Whether you love pinot noir or chardonnay or any other varietal, they have it all.

The Only Keto Wines Co was created by a woman suffering from sulphur allergy while on a strict low-sugar, low-carb (Keto) diet and who couldn’t imagine her life without wine.

Mariia, founder of The Only Keto Wines Co, was struggling during countless Melbourne lockdowns, having to give up wine due to constant skin rashes related to the high sugar content in wine.

One day she woke up thinking there had to be another way.

“If you love a glass of wine with dinner, you understand it’s a part of the meal and no-one should feel left out from this experience,” says Mariia.

“After sampling and lab testing thousands of bottles of wine (tough gig, I know!) – The Only Keto Wines Co was born and helps sugar-conscious or sugar-averse Aussies enjoy delicious guilt-free wine.”

The Only Keto Wines Co delivers Australia-wide, with delivery included on six and 12 packs (except NT). Buy a pack now and use the code HEALTHY20 for a $20 discount on your first purchase of any standalone six or 12 wine pack.

Limited time only. Please drink responsibly.

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