How to eat your way to your best skin

Did you know that the appearance of our skin is directly linked to gut health?

The Beauty Chef is your inner beauty support for gut health, wellbeing and glowing skin.

“People with rosacea and acne are 10 times more likely to have gut issues and 34 per cent of people with IBS show skin manifestations. Gut inflammation is also linked to premature ageing of the skin, also known as ‘inflammaging’,” says The Beauty Chef founder Carla Oates.

“Our gut and skin have a constant dialogue of communication (the gut-skin axis). With the connection between the two, it makes sense that if our gut is out of balance or inflamed, our skin is one of the first places to show symptoms.”

This is where The Beauty Chef steps in – to make sure your gut health is balanced and thriving with a good array of nutrients and bacteria that give you an optimal glow.

The Beauty Chef has created a range of supplements and health products that satisfy your health and beauty goals in a delicious way. Products such as Glow, Collagen, Antioxidant sort out a wide range of skin, gut health and wellbeing issues.

The Beauty Chef formulas have been created with 25 plus years of research and its products are full of gut-balancing essentials to feed the skin from within and have been scientifically formulated with microbiologists.

Visit The Beauty Chef website and take the three-minute quiz to receive your personalised Complete Inner Beauty Solution.

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