Reinvent yourself with NIVEA’s anti-ageing skincare range

NIVEA’s Cellular Lift Expert skincare range combines powerful anti-ageing active ingredients for younger-looking skin.

Let’s talk about NIVEA’s anti-age Cellular Lift Expert day and night creams.

This new anti-age skin care innovation delivers results after the first use by defining facial contours, reducing deep wrinkles and improving skin structure.

The advanced anti-age creams feature bio-retinol alternative bakuchiol and two types of hyaluronic acid and 95 per cent of women agree it provides visible anti-age results.

Many of you may have heard of and used retinol, however have you heard of a new bio-retinol alternative, bakuchiol?

Discover the anti-aging ingredient that is known to be as effective as retinol at addressing signs of aging whilst also being suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Macro hyaluronic acid intensively rehydrates and smooths the surface of skin, while micro hyaluronic acid, with 40 times smaller molecules, penetrates skin better to effectively reduce wrinkles from within.

Bio-retinol alternatives can be used day and night as compared to retinol, which can make users extremely sensitive to sun.

NIVEA has formulated the Cellular Lift Expert range for day and night creams.

· Day Cream SPF15 is NIVEA’s breakthrough day cream features combination of powerful anti-age actives and SPF15, so it can reveal younger looking skin and results after first use.
· Regenerating Night Cream helps improve skin whilst sleeping, when your skin is at its most receptive.

Launched in 1911, NIVEA is one of the world’s largest and most successful skin care brands. It offers various products to cleanse, nourish and protect all skin types. The brand includes several specialist ranges, including Bath Care, Body Care, Deodorant, Face Care, Lip Balm, NIVEA Creme, NIVEA SOFT and Sunscreen.

NIVEA is inspired by how skin works and uses skin’s own ingredients to create high performance products that work in harmony with your skin. Actives and ingredients that occur naturally within your skin are used to help to care for your skin, so it looks and feels its best.

Cellular Lift RRP: $38

See how Cellular Lift Expert range can transform your skin.

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