Stay healthy and save the environment

Personalised vitamin company Vitable launches industry-first reusable packaging.

And you can start your own sustainable vitamin journey today with 20 per cent off your first pack.

With its continuous commitment to shake up the throwaway culture of the supplement industry, personalised vitamin subscription company Vitable, has upgraded its sustainability experience with new innovative packaging.

Vitable has replaced its monthly cardboard vitamin pack with a solid, refillable dispenser to minimise unnecessary waste.

According to government figures, Australia generated a whopping 75.8 million tonnes of waste in 2018-19 alone. Only 9.4 per cent of plastic was successfully recycled, and 20.5 million tonnes of waste was sent directly to landfills.

The transition from a cardboard dispenser to a metal refillable dispenser, marks a further stage of Vitable’s sustainability mission.

Vitable is proudly:

  • Packaging vitamins in eco-friendly, plastic-free, certified home-compostable packaging made from plants,
  • Climate positive through its partnership with climate company, trace, which helps companies become carbon neutral
  • Using Forest Stewardship Council-certified (global forest certification) cardboard packaging for its refill mailers
  • Using a refillable dispenser to pack your Australian-made vitamins packs

Why has Vitable updated its current packaging?

Vitable knows its customers care about sustainability and are keen to seek out health solutions to reduce unnecessary waste at every step. The refillable dispenser is designed to be used for the entirety of their Vitable journey. The stylish beige dispenser not only adds a touch of sophistication to your daily vitamin habit, it also helps to reduce waste at every step of your health journey.

And that’s just that start. The team at Vitable is constantly innovating and is focused on minimising Vitable’s impact on the environment so everyone can feel good about the choices they make for their health.

Vitable’s dispenser is designed to be:

  • Reusable: simply refill the dispenser with your new vitamin sachets each month.
  • Durable: store vitamins in a hard-wearing, structured container, built to last.
  • Aesthetic: the dispenser is a stylish, neutral accompaniment to a benchtop or desk, ensuring you never forget to take your vitamins.

To get started on your sustainable health journey, Vitable is offering 20 per cent off your first pack. Use the code SUSTAINABLE20 at the checkout.


Disclaimer: First customers only. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, change or worsen, talk to your health professional. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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