Switch to Zero Co and help clean up Australia's oceans

Switch to Zero Co and help clean up Australia’s oceans

By using Zero Co’s planet-friendly, single-use, plastic-free laundry liquids, handwash and dishwashing liquids, you’re helping fund beach clean-ups around Australia and helping to eliminate single-use plastic.

The average Australian uses 3109 single-use plastic bottles in their lifetime. That’s one billion bottles Australians buy and throw away every single year. Imagine reducing that many bottles in your lifetime?

Not sure where to start? Zero Co has bundled together all 10 of its plastic-busting products so you can save a bit of cash while decking out your kitchen, laundry and bathroom in Zero Co.

Zero Co make it easy to switch by offering 10 per cent off your first box with the code cleanup10 (minimum spend $100. One use per customer. Expires 31/05/22) at zeroco.com.au.

It’s an easy switch to reduce your impact on our planet.

Zero Co is on an audacious mission to rid the world of single-use plastic and clean up the junk in our oceans. It makes single-use, plastic-free personal care and home cleaning products that are vegan and grey water safe, using plant-based formulas in Australia.

Products are delivered to your door carbon negative – yes negative – with beautiful Forever Bottles that you re-use, you guessed it, forever, and refill pouches made from recycled materials diverted from landfill.

Zero Co’s Forever Bottles are made from ocean, beach and landfill plastic pulled from clean-ups which they fund around Australia.

After customers have emptied their refill pouches, they send them back to Zero Co in a complimentary reply-paid envelope to be cleaned, refilled and sent back out to another customer. It’s like the milkman re-imagined.

Zero Co’s closed loop system means there is zero waste in ordering and refilling.

No more going to the supermarket to lug around heavy products or agonising over which products will work. Zero Co’s products have been independently tested to work as well – if not better – than supermarket competitors and are also price competitive with the big names on the shelf.

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