This Aussie pet food brand makes it easy to nourish your fur baby from the inside out

While most of us spend plenty of time thinking about what’s in our food, we don’t always give the same consideration to what we’re putting in our four-legged companion’s bowl. Oftentimes, pet owners can focus on finding the best bang for their buck or whether Fido would prefer chicken or beef-flavoured kibble this week.

For those who have tried to read the nutritional information on the back of your pet’s food, you might have struggled to identify its obscure ingredients or noticed it mostly contained cheap filler.

Enter, Be Frank. This family-owned Australian pet food brand wants to keep things transparent so you’ll never question what your beloved fur baby is wolfing down.

Now available at Petstock stores across the country, Be Frank offers a selection of dog and cat food in tasty flavours your pet will go crazy for. You can feed them anything from Kangaroo and Lamb to Salmon and Sardine, Mackerel and Salmon Paté, and other equally tasty combinations.

There are also options for pets of all life stages and sizes, with a choice between wet and dry food options, alongside some gluten-free alternatives for pets with sensitive digestive tracts.

No matter which one you choose, every bag of pet food from Be Frank uses premium ingredients sourced from the Hawkesbury Valley. Plus, each product comes with a unique transparency code that you can enter into the Transparency Tracker page on the Be Frank website. This will give you a comprehensive rundown on each ingredient’s purpose, where it came from and why it’s being used.

Prices start from $2.58 for a single 82g sachet of wet food for cats only or from $39.98 for a 2.5kg bag of dry food for both dogs and cats.

You can shop Be Frank’s pet food range at your closest Petstock retailer, or to learn more, head here.

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