Johnny Depp and Amber Heard finally ‘apologise’

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have returned to Australia to face the music.

After months and months, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have returned to Australia to face the music over their altercation last year when they tried to smuggle their two terriers into the country without declaring them.

Acting like two stubborn children who had once crossed their arms and stamped their feet and refused to own up to the consequences of their actions, on Monday, Depp and Heard issued their (clearly forced) formal apology. They admitted that they wrongfully jeopardised the precious balance of Australia's ecosystem. And that they’ve learned their lesson now – and so should everyone else.

Heard leads the robotic apology (one she had likely been provided with only moments before sitting down in front of the camera). She begins with a grand statement about Australia being “a wonderful island with a treasure trove of unique plants, animals and people, free of many pests and diseases that are commonplace around the world. That is why Australia has to have such strong biosecurity laws.” Depp, speaking with visible pain, punctuates the apology with trite comments such as “it has to be protected”, “And Australians are just as unique” and “Declare everything when you enter Australia.” Heard wraps it all up with an “I’m truly sorry that Pistol and Boo were not declared”, then the two sit emotionless until the camera fades out.

Barnaby Joyce, who had mixed himself up in the mess when it all began, said he hoped the video would help underline the message to the rest of the world that Australia’s biosecurity laws weren’t a “joke”. But he said the apology – particularly Depp’s part in it – sounded more like he was “auditioning for the Godfather” and that he won’t “get an academy award for his performance.”

In addition to the apology, Heard was given one month’s good behaviour and is required to pay AU$1000 (US$767). 

As actors, Depp and Heard’s obvious unwillingness to even try to give a convincing apology is the most damning proof of their insincerity.

Have you seen the video?  What do you think?


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    20th Apr 2016
    a one month good behavior bond and a thousand dollar fine what a joke. wonder if every one else who ignores our laws and gets caught at the airport will get the same ??
    20th Apr 2016
    Nope, it's the "two rule book" stunt once again, just like the the one with politicians and taxpayers, refugees and true migrants coming into the country through the FRONT door, Muslims (2% of the population) and the rest of us, and so it goes on, and on, and on. Any goodie-goodies out there don't kid yourselves otherwise.
    20th Apr 2016
    it was a joke even being charged in the first place it was Barnaby joyce who recently was on sunrise gloating as usual saying he had nothing to do with them being charged but when Johnny Depp and his wife were here before he told them to get their dogs out of the country or they would be unitised another pack of lies from Barnaby don't worry he will lose his seat at the election everyone can see through him he is nothing but a lying liberal and needs to be brought into line over his helicopter flights the same as brown bishop was and fired.
    20th Apr 2016
    Pathetic - no, not Depp, Australia. It makes us look like a banana republic. It should have been dealt with properly from the start - put the dogs in quarantine, end of story.
    20th Apr 2016
    Very true. From the start the issue was handled by Bozo trying to make a name for himself, AND look where it got him!!! That's the kind of wonderful government we have. Pathetic!
    21st Apr 2016
    I don't often agree with Barnaby Joyce, but I sure do this time. This is not a political problem it is (or could have been) a health problem. Our quarantine laws are there for all people, and they are there to protect us and our agricultural industry. It may not have been handled in the best manner, but the information supplied by Depp's partner was false! Simple as that. She lied. And the law for providing false information?? Are you suggesting because a movie 'star' lied on an official and legal form they should be excemp from punishment??

    I am not saying dogs can be the source of spreading mad cow disease or foot and mouth disease and mad dog disease (well, this is not spread by cats so dogs are guilty here!)or any other agricultural desease.

    Depp and Co's arrogrant attitude towards Australians and Australias laws reflects on Americans, the most of whom are decent and likeable people.

    Barnaby 1.
    Depp 0.
    20th Apr 2016
    Barnaby should be focusing on the drugs and other things that are being smuggled into the country instead of 2 healthy disease free dogs. Many humans that get into this country have more diseases.
    20th Apr 2016
    The politicians ALWAYS focus on the issue which are the easy ones, those which will have little change of a backlash because they are so trivial, the ones which keep that brown stuff on their noses.
    20th Apr 2016
    A cynical Barnaby Joyce using celebrities to make himself popular but this backfires on him.
    20th Apr 2016
    These actors seem to be in the clouds and the world revolves around them. Good that they were forced to make a video, but the dogs should have been impounded , and them put in the clink like everyone else. They took a chance and lost , maybe their feet are back on the ground and they have rejoined the human race.
    20th Apr 2016
    Well said.
    Celebreties make me sick. They think they are above the law that all us mere mortals have to follow.
    They should have been handed a far stronger lesson than the wrist slap they received.
    Polly Esther
    20th Apr 2016
    and their staged and filmed apology went over like a lead balloon.
    Actors they might be called, but I'm not convinced.
    20th Apr 2016
    Although I believe these celebrities did the wrong thing and broke our laws, it is an absolute farce the carry on of our Government over this. We have murderers, rapist, coward punch killers, thieves, druggies etc who do barely any time for these heinous crimes and very often are let out on bail to commit more atrocities, yet we come over all tough over a couple of little dogs. Need to get our priorities in order, yes definitely give them a fine and a large one with a strong warning but for pity's sake don't carry on as if they are seasoned criminals. Although if they were our pathetic judicial system may have rewarded them, going on the treatment the real criminals face in Australia.
    20th Apr 2016
    Lets move on, far bigger issue's than this. A waste of time & money.
    20th Apr 2016
    For heavens sake drop this stupid subject. Two days of headlines about brainless celebrities and two dogs????
    20th Apr 2016
    And a ghastly deputy PM.
    20th Apr 2016
    We should be ashamed of ourselves. Joyce may have sent a message to foreigners but it's not the message he had in mind.
    20th Apr 2016
    And you city people who can't spell would be the first to complain about diseases getting into the country if our quarantine laws were relaxed and rabies got hold of our wildlife. You wouldn't be able to have your precious wagu steaks either! tThe diseases would spread far and wide and affect many animals and birds. And BTW Barnaby (if no one has noticed), is only upholding the law!
    20th Apr 2016
    All true but did we (Joyce) have to be so mean as to make them return for such inconsequential punishment after they pleaded guilty in November?
    21st Apr 2016
    Lingaus, is it 'mean' to require people to accept the consequences of their actions?? I'm afraid I would have put out an Interpol allert if they had not returned for sentencing ( ok so that's a bit overboard). If someone has done something illegal shouldn't they have to face sentencing the same as if I have done something illegal, I have to face sentencing , why shouldn't they??

    Mollie, I agree wholeheartedly with you and I am sorry so many people do not understand the seriousness of this puppy dog tale. I grew up in the country ( a farming community called Coolah) and I sure don't want to see farmers wiped out because some person feels the laws of the land do not apply to them. However, don't be too harsh on our eating habits ... not all city folk can afford wagu steaks :)
    Ageing but not getting old
    20th Apr 2016
    Generally agree with Margie & Bid. If you watch any of the 'Border Control' type programs, most of the fines are relatively modest. They didn't want their dogs in quarantine, they wanted the pleasure of their company; I understand that. However, they did break the law, and some form of penalty was due. I didn't believe their sincerity, nor did I blame them. But I understand the Government's viewpoint, also. Depp's an interesting actor, mostly. Heard is unknown to me. I have no time for Joyce, in general. Let's get on with it.
    20th Apr 2016
    I had a lovely neighbour who brought home a sprig of a plant from the middle east. He received a hefty fine, he had to go to court and was threatened with jail. It was an incredibly stressful time for a lovely person who made an honest mistake. - it really is "who you are".
    20th Apr 2016
    lol - if Johnny and Amber can fly into Australia on their $100 million Private Jet (umpteen times - for filming/taking dogs back home/Court appearances etc.) - they can afford to "thumb their noses" at whatever "fine" handed down to them by the Southport Court!

    Media "gossip/circles" has it - they were NOT forced to do it at all! The "apology" is said to be a JOKE!! They recorded that on their own account to say "up you Australia" and to get a "rise" from Barnaby Joyce!!! Oxymoron that Joyce is anyway! Banana Republic? Yeah - got that right! :-)

    Not the first time Australia has been made the laughing stock of the world! Just as well half of the world's population doesn't even know where we are or if we even exist!! lol lol lol ........
    21st Apr 2016
    Foxy, I have never, ever been a fan of Barnaby Joyce's however he did impress me as our acting PM. I also agree the recorded 'apology' did not show Depp and lady friend in a good light. Infact, luckily for them I am not PM! I would have barred them from Australia for-bloody-ever!!!! I would not let them contaminate our beautiful country. They can stay out until the cows come home!!

    Australia is a great country and we don't need to be contaminated by morons. As for half the world's population not knowing where we are ... GOOD!!!
    20th Apr 2016
    Foxy : of course half the world knows where Austria is ...
    20th Apr 2016
    lol - Austria!?? Love you humour - how funny! Made me "smile" today - thank you! :-)
    20th Apr 2016
    I live in a country where Rabies is a constant threat the publicity about Depp & co is not in my oppion not wasted as to see dogs cats monkeys etc with this disease is not a pretty sight.Abide by the rules simple as that.
    20th Apr 2016
    What I don't understand is why the dogs weren't put into quarantine immediately they were found. The powers that be may have been dazzled by their owners.
    21st Apr 2016
    I doubt Johnny D would dazzle Barnaby. Maybe the owners should have been put in quarantine.
    20th Apr 2016
    Amber Heard lied on her immigration card. There should be more of a penalty for her. I agree that the dogs should have been impounded and put in quarentine. It makes a mockery of the laws that we ordinary mortals have to observe. Either we have quarentine laws or we don't. The video is an excercise in insincerity.
    21st Apr 2016
    YES YES.
    20th Apr 2016
    Hmmmm - well to be really honest - there are far more serious issues happening right now - worldwide - this is as they say "a drop in the ocean" - has it affected any of us? No! Do we really care? No! Well I don't ........??? Keep on smilin' - life is very short ....................... :-) :-)
    21st Apr 2016
    He looks as if he is on drugs, also the punishment is a joke.
    21st Apr 2016
    The bottom line is these two people did the wrong thing either knowingly or not. The law is there for all of us to follow. Whether any government person behaved well is beside the point. The courts have dealt with it accordingly. As per usual the media have had a field day with this because it sells newspapers/ups ratings on TV. The more absurd and hysterical the better The fans of these so called actors who seem to think that the universe revolves around them and what they think have been able to fawn and tut tut about the whole event. It has filled in some time for them in their meaningless lives. It has made them feel as though they are personally involved with these actors on some level. If we went to the USA and appeared to break laws I don't think the American officials would have acted any differently to ours.To bad some Australians including the media never stick up for their country and it's laws in the face of outsiders. We have nothing to feel apologetic about. It our house our rules. Any country on the planet will tell you the same. Join the real world where the silent majority live.
    21st Apr 2016
    Totally agree...if we go to the states, we have to first apply and pay for the privilege, then when passing through security at airport we are fingerprinted. These stupid celebrities are pathetic - how dare they break the law - id put them in bloody quarantine.
    In Outer Orbit
    21st Apr 2016
    Is there a law or sentence available to the Australian Courts which allows enforcement of an apology (and to make it SINCERE!). If there was, that law would be a sizeable ass.

    So I imagine this apology was entirely voluntary. A gesture of goodwill, or ill-will, or an idea by their marketing consultants. A choice, either way.

    Some places confiscate a vehicle if it has been involved in the commission of a crime. Looks like Australia has just missed out on a free jet.

    Just out of interest, was anyone ever punished for INTRODUCING foxes, rabbits, cane toads, or mimosa plants? Any of those stories might make a good movie.
    25th Apr 2016
    Loved it. Pip squeak Depp { i know i'm not supposed to comment on the vertically challenged } But it's not his height it's his little heart . Who do they think they R. ? .That they can just flout our laws because he gets big money 4 pretending to be an Actor . Depp looks like a spoilt little boy . His wife was Equally petulant looking . And he was going to take Barnaby on ?? LOL . Good on U Barnaby Bye Bye Pistol/ Boo

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