Diary of a travelling dog

Meet Cerbero, the 14-year-old dog who’s done more travelling than most of us combined.

Diary of a travelling dog

We all know that one person who’s always away, travelling somewhere exotic and posting pictures to remind us that we aren’t. It’s hard not to be jealous of these seasoned travellers. But what about when they’re only 14 – and a dog?

Cerbero is a 14-year-old poodle who’s travelled around the world with his owner EtyFefer. Living in Lima, Peru, he’s visited Paris, Las Vegas, New York, Dusseldorf, Milan and Istanbul to name a few places.

It’s hard to be bitter about this pooch’s passport when you see the adorable photos of his adventures, though. Having posed with airline pilots, local people from all around the world and at countless iconic locations, his owner has kindly taken the liberty of blogging his escapades for the rest of us to enjoy.

It’s some of the best holiday spam we’ve ever seen – you can actually see Cerbero smiling in most of the photos. Talk about a cute travelling companion! If you have to live vicariously through someone else’s journeys, it may as well be man’s best friend.

Here are some some of Cerbero’s travel snaps. Do you have a favourite? Would you take your dog on holiday with you?

You can see all Cerbero’s adventures at his blog Cerbero on the road.

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    fish head
    14th Oct 2015
    One place he's never likely to visit is Australia.Although Johnny Depp's twit of a wife had a go. I wonder if these sorts of people ever consider WHY we have such draconian quarantine requirements or do they think we are merely attempting to inconvenience their "important" lives?
    14th Oct 2015
    Don't believe everything you see on the internet.

    Many people have faked just such pictures from the comfort of their PJs and lounge and posted them up on their blogs and facebook to make others jealous.
    16th Oct 2015
    What's with the dog sitting in the aircraft seat?? What airlines allow pets on board??
    26th Oct 2015
    Trish it looks like a train to me.

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