Don’t pay unnecessary fees

Avoid credit card fees when purchasing flights online.

Don’t pay unnecessary fees

Sick of having to pay credit card fees when purchasing your flights online? There is an alternative called POLi.

Q. Tina

Is there any alternative to paying for my flights online rather than using my credit card. I am getting sick and tired of the fees that are charged. Every time I purchase what seems to be a great deal online, I am hit with additional costs just for using my credit card.


We agree with you Tina, it is infuriating to find that the cheap flight which you are booking online turns out to be not such a great deal once the additional credit card charges are added on.

Many airlines are now offering POLi as a payment option. You can avoid paying any fees as the cost of your flights are directly transferred from your bank account. There is no extra charge to pay with POLi and they encourage their merchants not to surcharge for the use of POLi.

The system is available in Australia and New Zealand and is currently used by Air New Zealand, Jetstar, Virgin and Etihad Airways.

You will need to have internet banking enabled to use POLi – it’s a great alternative for people without credit cards, or for those who have them - but would prefer not to use them online.


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    17th Dec 2014
    I don't worry so much about fees when paying for flights - it's part of the fare. What I don't like is the add-ons the banks charge when you are travelling. When you buy something they charge a foreign currency commission, as well as making a margin on the extra rate differential. If you withdraw something from your bank account they also charge you an ATM fee (on top of what the foreign bank charges). When you travel, your bank has their hand in your pocket the whole way.
    17th Dec 2014
    It might be part of the fare but you are still paying more than you need to.
    17th Dec 2014
    It's part of what you pay, but it's not part of the fare because it's not promoted as part of the fare, it's promoted as a credit card charge.
    Australian businesses are required by law to include the GST in any prices they advertise, they should also be required to include any credit card charges in the prices they advertise.
    17th Dec 2014
    have a look at credit unions; the one I belong to gives a better exchange rate than the big banks - tested using my hubby's account as well as mine. We use my visa debit card for atms and his credit card for large purchases.
    17th Dec 2014
    It wouldn't be so bad if there was an alternative way to pay (I look forward to seeing POLi up there next time I go to book).
    I also resent the way Aldi charges a 'credit' fee even when you pay with a debit card. Those few dollars probably add up to a fair amount over the course of a year.
    17th Dec 2014
    Log on to , and you will see that they don't charge for using a credit card. I have been using them for a while now, and have never paid any fees.
    17th Dec 2014
    Hi Kiri, I use a Debit card at Aldi and have never been charged a fee. I you selecting Cheque or Savings when you insert your card?
    17th Dec 2014
    Have a look at 28 degrees credit card. No foreign exchange fees, a great way to travel OS.
    17th Dec 2014
    When I go o/seas, I put cash onto my credit card, and use it, that way it costs zilch until you reach your credit amount, AND the bank doesn't like it .......
    17th Dec 2014
    What a great idea, Tomaso, haha. And the banks don't like it ---tough titty.!!
    17th Dec 2014
    I don't quite understand that. The banks will charge you a foreign currency conversion fee if you buy something overseas on either your credit or debit card. The amount is usually around 3%. That's on top of the fact that the rate at which the currency is converted is less than the market rate - the difference being what they call their 'margin'. If you use your credit card or debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM, you will avoid the charges associated with a cash advance, but they will still charge you an ATM fee - usually around $5. The foreign bank will also likely charge you something similar for using a foreign card on their ATM. A $100 cash withdrawal could therefore cost you an additional $15. $2 margin, $3 conversion fee, $5 ATM fee and $5 foreign bank fee. Now you know why bank profits are so astronomical.
    18th Dec 2014
    It seems customer loyalty is not something modern companies aspire to have. Don't tell the truth about products and hide fees away in the small print. I plague on all their houses. I have a couple of companies that value my business and I stick to them, even if a rival is slightly cheaper. I value honesty and customer care and service and support businesses that also value these things.

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