Dr No stays true to form

The traditional reason for a budget reply speech is to talk to the budget. Not to personally hammer the Prime Minister.

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The old saying put up or shut up remains true. The budget delivered by the Labor Government was conservative and attempted to redistribute wealth to those who can least afford to pay. It also overlooked some of the neediest groups, namely pensioners and those who are unemployed as I noted in my blog on Tuesday.

But the traditional reason for a budget reply speech is to talk to the budget.

Not to personally hammer the Prime Minister.

So Mr Abbott has hit a new low, even by his standards.

And if he refers to the Prime Minister as ‘she” one more time I will definitely send him a note reminding him about old fashioned courtesies.

Factually, he is also on very thin ground.

He accuses the Labor Party of cancelling previous commitments to the company tax cuts – conveniently forgetting his party, coupled with the Greens, opposed this legislation, so it was never going to become law.

Correctly he noted that there was no plan for long-term economic growth or support of investment or employment. But nor was there a shred of policy or costings for the same initiatives from his side of the House.

Mr Abbott notes the surplus is very dependent upon favourable trade with China and the situation in Europe. But he has given this government no credit for managing these turbulent times to date.

Mr Abbott summarises by saying:

“I regret to say that the deeper message of this week’s budget is that the Labor Party now only stands for staying in office.”
This from the politician who claimed upon becoming Liberal Leader by a margin of one vote, that his job was to oppose. That is what an Opposition does. That is what he would do.

Mr Abbott continues to oppose everything and anything the government puts forward.

In the long run only Australia can – and will - be the real loser.

What do you think?

Is Mr Abbott’s role to oppose all? Or should he be offering a more detailed alternative plan for governing Australia?

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    11th May 2012
    A detailed plan will be put in place when an election is called, put together by the back room ,back stabbers,who probably are sitting around now , planning and plotting to dump Abbott " when he puts his foot in it " again & re launch M Turnbull or another wealthy one with no idea what it is like to have to manage on the wages or pensions of ' average " Australians , remember , charity begins at home ! Remember the Australians first and overseas payments / aid later if it can be afforded. Help pensioners and retirees and do away with baby bonus and paid parental leave, and no more politician pay rises ,!! Pix
    11th May 2012
    Hi Kaye - are you going to change your real name to ALP Kaye ? The facts are that in the past 30 years twice the ALP have plunged Australia deep into debt - this time it is the deepest yet - and each time the Liberal Coalition has had to get the management of the country's economy back to the sensible state of a budget that is in consistent surplus [isnt that how you run your own household and teach the kids ?] If the Howard Govt had not created government savings for the ALP to spend post the GFC where do you think we would be now ? another PIGS [Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain] monetary basket case !! As for 'talking to the budget' what a load of nonsense. For a start Abbot quite clearly stated that they would cancel the farcical Carbon Tax or wasnt your hearing aid turned on ? Julia/Swan are so out of touch they deliberately left those who need assistance the most out of their budget - another farce from the 'Worlds Best Treasurer' !! The ALP Budget 2012 = a monetarily mismanaged farcical attempt to rob Peter to pay Paul.
    11th May 2012
    Extra special tactics are required for extra-ordinary times, with the deceit of the prime minister over carbon tax and pokie reform, stated before the election and the ongoing farce over the member for Dobell.
    Is it little wonder that obvious truth needs to be brought out when you can get the attention of thinking people.
    While it has been said that all politicians lie, the small ones can be forgiven, but the big ones are remembered.
    Bligh recently discovered this, and Gillard will soon
    11th May 2012
    You hit the nail on the head when you said that Mr. Negativity spent most of hi8s budget speech reply in using it to publicly have his say about the Prime Minister. Even though we all know there is no love lost between him and the PM he ought to have some manners after all he is less than I would have given him credit for and that wasn't much anyway! And his deputy - Joe Hockey gave his interview on the goings on this morning from the Crown Casino not exactly the place he should have been after all his party is carrying on at the moment about another case where a minister spent some hundreds of thousands of Government money "illegally" surely he could have stayed at home for his interview or maybe the north shore of Sydney isn't so desireable after all.
    11th May 2012
    I agree with you Aquatrek and suggest you give Abbott time Faye, he will release all his partys' plans when it is time for an election. Have you ever watched how Julia performs in parliament when attacking Mr Abbott, at times he does not even rise to the bait, or even feels it deserves a response from her vitriolic words.

    His Party is probably waiting to see what other "trip ups" the current government are bound to bump into in the near future. Personally, I don't like it when any government makes pre election promises, and then reneges on them. When governments or people renege on their promises, I don't have any time or energy to spend on them.
    11th May 2012
    I think most politicians enter politics with high ideals and then they change, so that 'hanging on to the job' becomes the chief spur. I think we have to see all statements from all politicians through this prism. I have become more and more cynical as time has gone on!
    11th May 2012
    Once they have made it to the the PM'as shoes they should not care after all they only have to be PM for 1 day and they are assured of a big super fund - unpaid for too ! Maybe that is all tony Negative is after? I doubt very much if he will ever change even as PM he will not be any more forthcoming it isn't the nature of the man.
    13th May 2012
    Abbott is an idiot and always will be, his critical comments are on the indelicate, personal, uneducated, offensively stupid and unreasonable as usual. He is not political, he is an ass and he is so anxious to become prime minister that his desire obscures his perceptions (if he ever had any).
    I wonder if most Australians dedicate the time to study his credentials and political ambitions, that always run away with his stupidity and obnoxious public actions and attitudes.
    I used to vote liberal, but not since this person is the leader of the party, don't they have someone more adequate? and I do not mean that hot air balloon that pretends to be treasurer of nothing!
    Please educate some people to be politicians, in my time there was a course called "Political Sciences" and people used to learn to, at least, what politics are and what governments are there for, now we have all kinds of people from farmers to plumbers becoming politicians, and the most of them have no idea of what it is they are supposed to do and not even interested in the public well being, they just want the limelight and the salary and perks.
    We are in deep trouble!
    13th May 2012
    Alexia_x should have done her own homework before launching her attack on Tony Abbott, for this would have given her some idea of the background of the man she criticises. Alexia_a is also critical of the fact that "now we have all kinds of people from farmers to plumbers becoming politicians". I would have thought a farmer would be an ideal person to have in parliament to add experience and advice on rural matters. Similarly people with experience running small businmesses, experience in finance, legal qualifications, sports administration, etc would all have valuable roles to play on government. Yet the current government is overloaded with those whose experience is limited primarily to having been union officials or staffers in ALP offices.

    I wonder if those who criticise Tony Abbott for his negativity have really sat down and considered the abundance of disastrous government policies that have deserved nothing other than negative responses. Further, these critics might like to remind themselves that, during the twelve years of the Howard government, and despite his having a mandate from the Australian electorate (something this government does not have), the Labor opposition opposed every major reform proposed by Howard.

    Finally, why should Tony Abbott release details of his policies this far out from the election? Howard didn't do it in 1996, Rudd didn't do it in 2007, and a major promise given by Gillard prior to the 2010 election turned out to be a lie.

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