You can legally drink your own alcohol on the plane

There’s a way to legally ‘smuggle’ alcohol on board a plane, so you can ‘sip your own’.

Drink your own alcohol on the plane

Unless you’re on an international flight, having the odd alcoholic beverage can be quite pricey. But there is a way to legally ‘smuggle’ alcohol on board a plane, so you can ‘sip your own’.

Okay, so smuggle isn’t the right word. But you get the gist … Here’s how to do it.

You know those rules about not having liquids over 100ml? Well, that can apply to all liquids. So, if you bring a stash of those small mini-fridge sized bottles in a clear ziplock bag, then you should get them through Customs with no hassle – at least according to

You can also head to duty free at some airports once you’ve gone through the security line and buy yourself a nice bottle of bubbles or anything you can open and finish on one flight. It’s important to remember that last point – you won’t get to take any unfinished alcohol when you land – it will be thrown out at the end of your flight.

You should also ask your flight attendant to serve you, because, under no circumstances, are you allowed to serve yourself. Most of the time they will happily oblige, but don’t make a scene.

Finally, don’t drink too much. Messy passengers are a flighty’s worst nightmare, so keep yourself in good order and keep your cabin crew happy.

Have you ever brought your own alcohol aboard? Did you know you could do it?



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    27th Jan 2018
    Why would you need to?
    27th Jan 2018
    i'm sure there is enough free grog on most flights ,so why take your own?

    27th Jan 2018
    Alcohol is a health and social disaster. It wrecked my health and life.
    27th Jan 2018
    I drink plenty of water on a flight, I don't drink alcohol. If you drink that much you need to smuggle it on , I suspect you have a problem.
    Pass the Ductape
    29th Jan 2018
    I agree Tib. If anyone needs to go to that much trouble to get booze on board, then they definitely have a problem.

    27th Jan 2018
    Ahhhh, YLC are now assisting the drug (alcohol) pushers. And they're telling you how to best "smuggle" the drug alcohol aboard a plane.

    Firstly for the deluded deniers ------ alcohol is a "drug". It's a mind altering recreational drug just like LSD, weed, Ice etc etc etc.

    No other mind altering recreational drug in the history of mankind has been responsible for more personal, social, and criminal damage.

    So now we have a YLC topic that suggests ways to make it really easy to get this mind altering recreational drug into the bodies of people on aircraft (probably the LAST place on Earth that people should be consuming alcohol).

    Just like civilised society has now successfully demonised the drug tobacco, it will only be a matter of time before society successfully demonises the drug alcohol.
    27th Jan 2018
    If you are so desperate for alcohol on a domestic flight I suggest you possibly have a significant problem for which you should seek help. Besides which what would you save? I suspect the cost of those mini-bottles would not be significantly less than what you would pay on an aircraft. I cannot remember the last time on a domestic flight I was not offered a complimentary bottle of wine with meals, and I always travel economy with Qantas..
    The Other Judith
    27th Jan 2018
    Lighten up you lot! I assume the article was posted in fun and in the spirit of aussie larrikinism (which sadly seems to be disappearing from the national psyche). I don't drink when I am flying but can appreciate this article for it's naughtiness.
    Pass the Ductape
    29th Jan 2018
    .....appreciate this article for it's naughtiness? Stupidity more like!
    27th Jan 2018
    No insult intended Leon. You can see there is some strong feeling when it comes to alcohol.
    27th Jan 2018
    No thanks, one bad experience is enough.
    On a trip to Europe I purchased some 1 litre bottles, the guy at the duty free shop in Sydney said I could take a couple of the small ones onboard and drink them at our destination.
    We arrived in Bangkok, got off plane with our hand luggage, walked this long corridor and straight back to check in again.
    In the bag I had about 25 boxes of medication (with a letter from my doctor) plus the alcohol.
    This young lady dressed in what looked like an army uniform points the finger at me and says “You there” showing me where to go.
    I said to myself here we go “Asia and drugs”, to my surprise she didn’t even look at my meds, she took the yellow bag and says no, not allowed.
    I pointed out that I was told in Sydney I could take that on the plane, the problem was the bag not sealed/stapled and she dumped my two bottles.
    I swore I would never go through that airport again, I felt threatened the way the agent conducted herself for two lousy hip flask bottles.
    So no more alcohol on the plane for me, water will do.
    BTW, I did get a refund back in Sydney.
    27th Jan 2018
    Seriously YLC !!! I cant believe your even posting such an article.
    I'm a flighty and have been for some years, and you have no idea the problems we're faced
    with on flights due to alcohol. We try our hardest to keep to the responsible serving of
    alcohol requirements, and we certainly don't need any encouragement from you, for not
    only the crews safety but also our pax.
    Deb Dickman
    27th Jan 2018
    Cant believe you would publish this article. There is enough trouble on board planes now with it. Completely irresponsible reporting.
    28th Jan 2018
    yes, just what a flight needs, more drunken yobos
    28th Jan 2018
    My daughter has been a flight attendant for 20 yrs She loves her job but passengers out of hand from grog makes her job at times sheer hell not to say down right dangerous. shame on you for posting such an irresponsible article.
    28th Jan 2018
    I like a drink. Perhaps too much sometimes. But. I think cohol should be banned on all flights. Surely one can last one flight without it. It causes too much trouble. Especially from younger Oz passengers, on board as well as at destinations.
    5th Feb 2018
    How sad that you have used the lowest common demonator of tabloids - "smuggle"? no not in the article. Another point is who wants to sit next to someone who wants to bring their own alcohol on board or to hae their young teen children or grandchildren sitting net to that person. : ((
    10th Feb 2018
    What the hell? Why on earth can't people spend a few hours on a domestic flight without the need to "grog on"? AND if you are going through "duty free" then duh! you're on an INTERNATIONAL flight, sunshine, where the grog is freely available on board! Besides, in the pressurised cabin an aircraft, it's VERY drying for your skin, eyes, etc. without the extra dehydration of alcohol being added to the mix. Go grog free, drink lots of water, and your body will be much happier at the end of the flight.
    8th May 2018
    Why bother to do it at all, there's plenty on board!!!...Bikie30

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