Ten of the dumbest complaints made to travel agents

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There is an amazing list on Twitter called ‘Holiday Complaints’ which compiles the most inane grudges made to travel agents. It also has some pretty fair grievances, but some of the dumber ones are just hilarious.

Anyway, here are what I think are the 10 dumbest complaints.

“Tour company didn’t warn me that I would get wet during a river rafting trip. It ruined my £300 leather handbag.”

“There was a do not disturb sign on the back of my door in my room. I was confused and thought the staff had locked me in.”

“The street signs weren’t in English. I don’t understand how anyone can get around.”

“Spotting the visibly aroused elephant ruined my honeymoon by making me feel inadequate.”

“I went swimming in the sea and a fish touched my foot. Nobody warned me about the fish in the sea.”

“It was windy on the beach and the sand went in my eyes. Nobody warned us about the wind.”

“You said the town was next to a volcano, but we went and there was no lava. I’m pretty sure it was just a mountain.”

“I don’t have a pool-view room because of the palm tree. Can you remove it?”

“None of the staff on the plane would open a window for me.”

“After being told she could reach the front desk by dialling 9, a lady complained when she was repeatedly unable to do so from her mobile.”

These are just a few for your chuckling pleasure, but if you have the time, I highly recommend visiting the Holiday Complaints Twitter page and indulging in the whole list, or making a complaint of your own.

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Written by Leon Della Bosca


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