Dylan sings Sinatra hits

Bob Dylan has released an album of Frank Sinatra songs called Shadows in the Night.

Bob Dylan recently released an album of Frank Sinatra covers called Shadows in the Night, as an homage to the music that was sacred to him as a child.

According to occasional Dylan collaborator, Daniel Lanois, “He felt that a lot of that music was written not only by great professional songwriters at the time, but [also] a lot of it was written from the heart, from the wartime and [by] people just pining for a lover. He felt there was a lot of spirit in that music. He felt there was a kind of beauty, a sacred ground for him. After having said all that, we then listened to the music, and I felt everything that he talked about. For one of America's great writers to say, ‘I'm not gonna write a song; I'm gonna pay homage to what shook me as young boy’, I thought was very graceful and dignified.”

Dylan’s album Shadows in the Night was released on 3 February and is available on iTunes. Rumour has it that he’ll release a Sinatra sequel album, too. In the meantime, why not watch this video of Dylan’s take on The Night We Called it a Day?

Read more at Rolling Stone.


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    5th Mar 2015
    Ugly looking creep who can't sing for nuts, in my opinion. I fail to see why he is so popular.
    5th Mar 2015
    He is one of the great singer-songwriters. I like his explanation for why he decided to pay homage to these songs.
    5th Mar 2015
    He was always god ugly, he's even worse now. Appealed to certain people, I was never one. Dont have any of his albums in my collection. He probably paid homage cos he needs some cash
    5th Mar 2015
    Groaning Bob, like many successful musicians, came along at a time when the popular mood suited his particular style. He was shrewd enough make the most of it.
    The fact that the early 1960's was a time when university students (who were also a major part of the record buying public) were all fired up about changing American society. This included "Negro" voting rights and the anti Viet Nam War protest movement, which increased his popularity and influence during the 1960's. It also made him a very rich man.
    Bob Dylan is/was not "just a pretty face" but he is/was a brilliant poet/song writer.
    5th Mar 2015
    I listened all the while WINCING ! I would rather listen to Rod Stewart.
    6th Mar 2015
    Oh No!! Bob , I think you should call it a day. I had a dog that could howl better than him.

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