Eat for less when travelling

Tips for reducing the amount you spend on food when you are travelling.

Eat for less when travelling
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Before you leave for the airport, especially if you are travelling overseas, make sure you eat before you depart. Because you have to be at the airport well before your flight leaves, up to three hours in some cases, it makes sense to have a decent meal at home as the cost of food and drinks at airports can be astronomical.

Likewise, pack some snacks or a light lunch to take with you, as well as carrying an empty water bottle through security to fill up once you're through.

Once at your destination, be sure to take advantage of the free buffet breakfast if it is offered by your hotel. When booking your accommodation, it may seem like an unnecessary added expense to stay at a hotel offering this, but it is much cheaper than paying for a restaurant breakfast and a mid morning snack. Enjoy your fill of a hot or cold breakfast then grab a piece of fruit or a pastry to eat as a mid-morning snack.

When you are booking your hotel, make sure they offer a free mini fridge and microwave. Even if you don't prepare meals in the room, you can still save by stocking up on bottled water and snacks like microwave popcorn or soup. But by cooking some of your meals in your room you can save money. Head to the closest market, stock up on ingredients and ask the person serving you how to prepare a local recipe.

Call into to the visitor centre when you arrive in town. Not only do they offer a wealth of information about where to visit, they also supply coupons to local attractions and restaurants. The lobby in your hotel may also offer these coupons. You can also use your Smartphone to locate restaurants offering specials.

When starting to plan your holiday, research any festivals being held during your stay. Whether or not the festival is food related, there are always cheap eats on offer.

If you are lucky enough to receive a dinner invitation from a local family - accept it! This is a priceless opportunity to experience the local culture, and will provide unforgettable memories.

Do you have any tips to share for saving money on the food bills when travelling? Share your advice in the comments section below.


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    9th Dec 2013
    many hotels do not provide tea and coffee in rooms so we travel with a small electric jug that has cups that pack inside. Make tea or coffee , boil an egg ,heat prepacked noodles from supermarket , AND boil drinking water also for your bottle.
    Not always is the drinking water in your room safe.

    do not forget a double adapter and plugs for electricity where you visit
    9th Dec 2013
    We took small 2 small thermos and a supermarket cooler bag, also a bladder from a wine cask. We then filled it with water and froze it each night to use in the cooler bag to keep the milk, butter etc cold and were able to have picnic lunches each day, just brought bread or rolls. We added up what we saved over the 2 months
    We made our morning coffee in the thermos each day. We added up
    9th Dec 2013
    The rest of my comment now, it did something weird in the middle. We added up what we saved and it just covered the fine when we had our car towed away in London for parking in a permit zone ( $450). Unfortunately UK does not have lots of free parks and picnic tables and shelters like Australia so we counted ourselves lucky to find one and when it also had a public toilet it was a bonus.
    Beach Nanny
    10th Dec 2013
    When holidaying,we take a small car fridge, ice bricks, a sandwich toaster and a small gas stove. We pack our own lunch, freeze ice bricks overnight to keep cool in the car fridge. We can cook eggs on toast, make toasted sandwiches and mainly buy one main meal a day. If we buy lunch we have toasted sandwiches for dinner. Saves lots of money. Pack our own water and soft drink cans.
    29th Dec 2013
    Great ideas already. Take mini pepper and salt grinders as multi-purpose seasoners for cooked eg boiled eggs and fresh food eg tomatoes.
    lady au
    21st Jan 2014
    I travel to east asia often and always book a hotel with breakfast included...I then go to the local supermarkets and purchase fruit platters and noodles in cups and bread etc and we make lunch for dinner we eat the local food much cheaper than western food ..we spend on average $20 aud on food per day using this method and we are never hungry..we also take a travel jug and plastic mugs, plates with us ....

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