Essential Guide to Cruising

Cruising as a holiday option continues to grow in popularity worldwide, so it may come as no surprise that 833,348 Australians took a cruise in 2013. And, with the ever-expanding choice of ships and destinations, the number of Australians embarking can only continue to increase.

It’s not just ocean cruising in huge vessels that appeals to Australians, almost 50,000 passengers opted for a river cruise as their holiday of choice in 2013. And for some, a trip to New Zealand becomes a true adventure when you cross the Tasman in a ship.

With such a strong growth in demand, the door has opened to more cruise lines basing ships in Australia for the cruise season, and this means a whole lot more choice for travellers. However, this can be confusing, and a little overwhelming, for those who haven’t previously taken to the water.

Whether you’re new to cruising, or a seasoned sea-traveller who wants to try something different, the YourLifeChoices Essential Guide to Cruising will help you take the next step. You can find out which ships are sailing when, what’s on offer on board, what to take with you and whether cruising is for you if you’re travelling alone.

Our cruise expert, Joanna Hall, answers your cruising questions and our style guru SJ has some tips on the essentials you need to pack. You can also check out some great cruise deals and, if you’re not keen on venturing too far on your first trip, we have some Aussie sailings which may appeal.

We thank our sponsor APT and hope you enjoy our very first Essential Guide to Cruising. Please tell us what you think or, if you have a question you would like answered, feel free to email us at [email protected].