Ten embarrassing gadgets that really work

They may not win any style prizes, but these embarrassing travel gadgets really work.

woman using the helpy carry-on harness

Some travel gadgets are sleek and innovative, while others are, well, a little more ignominious while no less ingenious. Here are 10 such embarrassing gadgets that really work.

1. Plane seat covers
When it comes to comfort, plane seats can be a bit hit and miss. That’s where these washable, breathable fabric plane seat covers can help to make every plane ride first class.

plane seat cover

2. Bra baggies
I may not wear them myself, but I know how much a crushed bra can annoy the girls. Well, mine anyway. That’s when bra bags can come in handy. Keep those cups in shape with these brilliant bra stashes. Most will fit up to six bras – more than enough for a week-long holiday.

3. Travel humidifier
Plane rides can dry out your sinuses. So can a long journey in a car or in any other air-conditioned environment. Dry sinuses can lead to a bloody nose or a ticklish cough that just won’t quit. This handy portable travel humidifier uses a standard plastic water bottle and is USB-powered, making it easy to moisten your air no matter where you are.

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    Ageing but not getting old
    3rd May 2017
    Leon: Where can I find out more and/or buy the Helpy Carry-On Harness? The picture doesn't show how/where it actually attaches/is used. I have walking problems and need to walk (depending on various circumstances) one walking stick to two elbow crutches, making it very difficult to pull/carry even hand luggage, let alone checked bag/s also. I'm hoping to take a few week in the U.S. next year, and this might be useful.

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