The beach mat for a sand free summer

What’s not to love about summer? Oh, that’s right…sand everywhere.

quicksand mat

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There are beach mats and then there are beach mats. And while you’d be forgiven for thinking they were a thing of the past, it’s time to think again.

There isn’t much not to love about summer, except of course sand. While a lovely addition to the beach, that doesn’t mean you want to bring it everywhere else with you. Sandy towels, sand in your bathers, sand in you car, bag, house, bed – sadly sand knows no limits and has no concept of where it is and isn’t welcome.

Here’s where the Quicksand Mat steps in to save the day – or season, should we say. Utilising multi-weave technology, sand falls straight through the Quicksand Mat and doesn’t come back up. Instead, the multi-weave layers trap the sand underneath the mat ensuring your beach day remains sand free.

Available in three different sizes: one metre by two metres, one and a half metres by two metres, or two metres by two metres, the Quicksand Mat is made using a soft meshing and also comes in four colours – baby blue, lime, ruby red and turquoise.  There’s even a tote bag to go with the Quicksand Mat which uses the same multi-weave technology to ensure that your bag holds your belongings without the unwelcome addition of half the beach’s sand. Featuring internal pockets, reinforced edges, the tote bag is lightweight, easily cleaned and designed not to rip.

The Quicksand Mat is the perfect addition to your summer of sand free fun.

RRP: $89 - $129 for the Quicksand Mat and $24.95 for the Quicksand Tote Bag from Quicksand Mat.



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    16th Jan 2017
    You can buy a Lagu beach towel for $50 which does the same thing.

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