16th Mar 2016
Engineering marvels: enormous statues of the world
Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro with Christ Redeemer and Corcovado Mountain

From the world’s tallest statue of a Hindu deity to a 1300-year-old statue of the future Buddha, Maitreya, these enormous statues will take you around the world and fill you with awe.

Laykyun Setkyar, Myanmar

The 116-meter Laykyun Setkya located in Khatakan Taung is the second tallest statue in the world. Depicting the Gautama Buddha, it took nearly 12 years (1996–2008) to build. It stands beside two smaller Buddhas, both sizable in their own right.

Rock sculpture of Decebalus, Romania

This 40-metre-tall sculpture of the face of Dacia's last king, Decebalus, is the tallest rock sculpture in Europe. Carved into a rocky outcrop on the river Danube at the Iron Gates, it was constructed between 1994 and 2004.

Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

In Rio de Janeiro, the 30-metre-tall Christ the Redeemer statue, in Art Deco style, reigns supreme atop Mount Corcovado, 2000 feet above the city. It is recognised as one of the seven new wonders of the world.

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