Budget 2017/18 for retirees – be first to find out

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For the eighth year in a row the YourLifeChoices team is attending the Federal Budget Media Lock Up at Parliament House on Tuesday 9 May.

Debbie and Kaye are going in order to receive, and report on firsthand, all the details regarding Retirement income, Superannuation, the Age Pension – in fact all the aspects of Budget 2017/18 that matter to retirees.

So watch your inbox on Tuesday night for the first news of how Budget 2017/18 will affect retirees.

And for a more details analysis, keep you eyes peeled on Wednesday for a detailed analysis of all matters that will affect you should these policies become legislation. 

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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    Good I hope I get to cross a few things I would like to be in the budget off my list.

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    What are the qualifications that Debbie and Kaye have? Have they been trained in financial analysis? Will we get an unbiased look at those matters which affect pensioners? If previous one-sided articles are what we will get, I’ll not be bothering thanks.



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