Are you eligible for a cheaper upgrade on your fridge or TV?

In an effort to make more homes energy efficient, there is an appliance replacement offer available to some pensioners.

The initiative, which offers a 40 per cent discount on the cost of a new fridge or a 50 per cent discount on the cost of a new television, is only offered by the NSW government and only applies to selected models that meet energy efficiency standards.

To be eligible for the NSW government’s appliance replacement offer, you must be a resident of NSW and hold either a pensioner concession card, healthcare card, low-income healthcare card or Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card.

People who hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card are not eligible for the offer.

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The eligibility for the offer also has strict requirements about the item that is being replaced. To be eligible you must own a fridge that is at least 10 years old, or the television you are looking to replace must be either a plasma or cathode ray tube (CRT).

LCD/LED TV models are not eligible for replacement through the offer.

How to apply
You will need a digital copy or photos of your valid concession card or ID, which you will need to upload when you apply.

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Applications are generally processed within three business days and, if your application is approved, you will then receive instructions on how to buy your new appliance.

If your application is not approved, you will receive notification with an explanation of why it was denied.

Approved applications are valid for six weeks from the date of issue and you may need to apply again if you do not order your new appliances in this time frame.

You can apply by visiting and the form will take about 10 minutes to complete.

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Choosing your appliance
The appliances for the scheme have been chosen based on their energy star rating, affordability and availability.

You are only allowed to choose products on the approved list and the size of the televisions available are limited to 43 inches as larger ones consume more energy.

If you have been approved, you can then order your appliance online. If you do not want to order online, you can call The Good Guys on 1300 601 795 and they can take your order over the phone.

After choosing your product(s), The Good Guys send an email confirming your order.

You will then receive a sales order confirming:

  • the total appliance and delivery cost
  • payment details
  • the store to which your order has been allocated.

The Good Guys will notify you via SMS/email when your order is ready. You will then be asked to pay and to call your allocated store to arrange for your appliance to be delivered.

Delivery is a mandatory part of the offer. This is so your old appliance can be removed for recycling when the new appliance is delivered.

You will be charged a delivery fee, but it is discounted as part of the offer. The fee is based on how far your home is from the nearest The Good Guys store, up to a maximum of $85 (discounted from $170) for those that live more than 100km from their nearest store.

The program permits the purchase of a maximum of one fridge and one television per household.

Television delivery does not include channel tuning, connecting the television to other devices or wall mounting.

As well as saving on the cost of replacing a new item, replacing these older items will also offer you significant savings on your energy bills.

Replacing an old, inefficient fridge can save between $100 and $200 per year on your energy bills.

Replacing a plasma or cathode ray tube (CRT) television with an LCD television can save between $50 and $125 per year on your energy bills. 

Were you aware of the NSW government’s appliance replacement offer? What do you think of this initiative? Should other states follow suit and offer these discounts to pensioners?

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Written by Ben